Language Room

"From the moment I began working with GV Evolutions I felt I would be taken care of. They were hands on and cared about the success of my business and I recommend them to my peers every chance I get."

~ Todd Sapio, Language Room

Austin, Texas generates few bands that are truly memorable. Language Room is one of those bands. Their story is no different from most but they’re attitude towards their business is what sets them apart from the vast array of competition. They came to GV Evolutions very interested in creating a calculated plan moving forward. As it was a period where they were making meaningful changes, getting serious about their direction in the new, evolved industry became increasingly important to them. Together we developed a comprehensive business plan that emphasized control and innovative thinking on their road towards being a self-sustaining company. They are now signed to Pazzo Records, an independent label based in Austin, and have received numerous accolades for their latest release produced by Blue October’s Matt Noveskey.


A Letter of Warning

"Taking the time to build an entire outline and goal-orientated plan in ANY business is absolutely essential. That being said, the necessity of having it available for a group of musicians is just as important, if not more so. Working with GV Evolutions in their 6 month program to create such a valuable tool has allowed us to comprehensively break down a strategic approach to the ideals of our success. In addition to this, it has given us a better understanding of our fan base, our market appeal, and added clarity to our values not just as a band, but as a business offering a product to loyal customers. Not only do we recommend to any musician the possession of a plan moving forward, but wholeheartedly endorse GV Evolutions over any other business to those musicians looking for an edge, a path, and a focus in their career.”

~ Mike Tate & Tyler Wood, A Letter of Warning

With enough entrepreneurial ambition and tenacity to take up a city block, A Letter of Warning was a perfect addition to our list of clients. With a concentration on building a career in such a unique environment, they are effectively competent towards their surroundings and have a knack for knowing exactly what their audience wants. Our time together consisted of defining business as an art form and transferring the massive amounts of creativity they had to a new medium. Whether it was networking strategy, social media, or basic sales skills, they had the ability to truly think outside the box and make whatever resources they had available, work for them. Today they are continuing to expand on their support base, touring, and making enormous strides by taking advantage of all the opportunities that this evolving industry has to offer.


Kalu James

Nigerian-born Kalu James is one of the more ambitious and hardworking artists in Austin, Texas. His undeniable talent and soaring vocals are surpassed only by his infectious personality as he drives forward towards developing a longstanding music career. His choice in employing GV Evolutions was based around developing an intelligent strategy and satisfying a strong hunger for new ways of thinking. We concentrated on pursuing his goals with a strong understanding of business as a whole as well as ways to maximize on the hundreds of hours being put into his craft. In Austin, June 11th is officially “Kalu James Day” and is celebrated by his ever-growing fan base around the local region.





Hedda Layne

As true veterans of the music industry, Hedda Layne and her husband and Producer, Troy Lee Warden came to GV Evolutions with plenty of momentum. While their chemistry as a musical force has captivated thousands of fans, their professionalism and showmanship are unmatched. Though as motivated towards success as they are, they are equally compelled towards consistent improvement. That being said, they approached GV Evolutions with an open mind, looking for a path forward that would be modern and custom to their unique audiences around the world. Our efforts consisted of raising their awareness of new opportunities within the evolving music industry as well as creating a strong and credible business plan that further exemplified their title as “the definition of world class.” Hedda and Troy continue to travel across Texas with their music and consistently make GV Evolutions proud as a product of our services.



Brent Allen

“From start to finish, working with GV Evolutions was nothing less than a great experience. Throughout the entire process, everything was laid out clearly and on schedule. On top of being organized, Greg’s hands-on approach and personality made everything work so well as he was passionate and well qualified. I truly enjoyed building my business plan with GV Evolutions, would recommend them highly, and look forward to another project with them.”

~ Brent Allen


Texas is obviously known for its well-developed and affluent country music community and Brent Allen has made it his business to set himself apart in such an incredibly competitive market. With hundreds of performances under his belt in only 2 years, a consistently growing fan base of thousands, and a track record of collaboration with artists such as Asleep at The Wheel, George Strait’s Ace in the Hole Band, and Texas legend, Dale Watson, Brent was doing all the right things. His decision to come to GV Evolutions was an example of his always-intelligent approach to whatever he was pursuing. We put forward an incredible effort to develop a calculated business plan surrounding his latest record. At the same time, he was very interested in letting our program sink in and fulfill his need to learn more about the evolving industry and its opportunities. Today, Brent continues to perform all over Texas at festivals and truly notable venues in his pursuits to continuously hone his craft and bring his music to the people who love it.